But We Have To So We Do It Real Slow…


I wrote this short essay 5 years ago at a time when anti-work was not as popular a position, or sentiment, within the radical milieu. My intention with this piece was to highlights elements of anti-work / refusal of labor that already exist among Mexican(-American)s in the so-called United States. And by doing this extend the critique of work beyond the white radical milieu of the North American Anglosphere. The critique of work is now (thankfully) more widespread, and I hope that others take up the task of extending the critique of work because the pandemic has verily cleared the fog of pro-work propaganda: most of us learned first-hand that our work, deemed essential or not, has always been activity which exists for the immediate benefit of others and not ourselves. We barely float by, physically & mentally, while capitalists retreat further into their well-protected bubbles of wealth (even into space). It’s time we reclaim our time, energy & activity. Time for communism & anarchy…which always also means the abolition of work.

Tovaangar, so-called Los Angeles

July, 2021

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Pura Acracia: la anti-política y la policía

Lo que sigue es un serie de argumentos contra la policía, la política y más.

Originalmente publicado el 23 de agosto 2020. Traducido al español por el autor.

La política en sí misma es la vigilancia de la libertad y la falta de libertad. La libertad, tal y como se nos enseña en las escuelas estadounidenses, no es la libertad en sí misma. Es una variante manipulada que se nos vende. Ayuda a mantener la suposición de que la perpetuación de la política estadounidense está vinculada a la perpetuación de la libertad. (“¡Vota o no te quejes!”)

Nada más lejos de la realidad.

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Against Managers of Revolt

On Wed. September 23rd 2020 I stepped out with some friends to a march / protest in Los Angeles in response to the verdict reached by a grand jury regarding the police murder of Breonna Taylor. Like many of such marches which occur soon after an enraging event, the march had no initial clear leadership or organization behind it. This is something which I prefer since it allows for more self-initiative, spontaneity and creativity for those who come out to express their rage to this anti-Black world. We mostly milled in a small park until the march started, being led by some people in a pickup truck and megaphones. There emerged a clear pre-emptive leadership during the march. 


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What follows is a series of anti-political arguments against the police, politics y más.

Politics itself is the policing of freedom & unfreedom. Freedom, as we are taught in American schools, is not freedom itself.
It is a doctored variation sold to us. It helps maintainthe assumption that the perpetuation of American politics is itself tied to perpetuation of freedom. (“Vote or don’t complain!”)

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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